Strategic Plan

Strategic priorities over the next five years (2018-2022) will be characterised by growth, which will largely be achieved through expanding programs and only adding new initiatives which can be properly funded and resourced. The priorities and focus areas are:

1   Progress the 13 Hospitals Project with training and empowerment of local surgeons, doctors and nurse

  • Supporting trained surgeons, doctors and nurses
  • Initial scoping study
  • Providing adequate infrastructure and equipment
  • Engaging local architects and contractors
  • Handover to local hospital management

2   Incorporate training and teaching in all medical visits

  • Evaluating the teaching programs
  • Preparing guidelines for team leaders and team members
  • Increased teaching in Somaliland
  • Collaborating with other NGO partners

3   Develop world leading procedures and practices for a medical outreach charity

  • Digital and telehealth
  • Evidence based assessment
  • Clinical research
  • Medical Advisory Committee
  • On-line education

4   Maintain ADFA humanitarian values and ensure they are expressed in all our activities

  • Go only where invited
  • Develop and train
  • Reach out to the poorest people
  • Respect that we are helping people find their own solutions
  • Reinforcement of values to all team members

5   Develop collaborations and partnerships

  • Raising the ADFA profile through publicity, information technology, communications and networking
  • Working with key stakeholders in Government
  • Identifying ADFA needs, eg. equipment maintenance
  • Identifying collaborative relationships with other organisations

6   Develop a systematic approach to fundraising including securing a cornerstone $1 million grant

  • Developing a system to approach foundations
  • Identifying other avenues of funding
  • Progressing to full accreditation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Creating a fundraising committee

7   Develop a national policy for clubfoot in Madagascar

  • Engaging with all NGOs active in this area
  • Organising a national conference/workshop to progress a strategic direction
  • Establishing the current needs and state of clubfoot in Madagascar
  • Identifying current strengths and weaknesses of the current system
  • Having the strategic direction endorsed by the Malagasy Minister of Health

8   Expand the range of specialities provided by volunteers

  • Responding to needs expressed by local partners
  • Matching availability of voluntary expertise
  • Proceeding with scoping study, service provision, building trust, teaching and training