As part of ADFA’s strategic direction to increase its operations to a fourth country, a scoping study was commissioned as part of a medical team visit to the islands in August 2013. The focus of the scoping team concentrated on the services available for the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic conditions especially the childhood disorder Talipes.

We believe that setting a new direction can be achieved by concentrating and building upon orthopaedic surgical procedures and the integration of a strong teaching program. The achieve this we are bringing together the collective planning resources in the Comoros to assist in the development of a comprehensive plan over 5 years that both grows the relevance, capacity and integration of resources.

ADFA staff and local staff during an inaugural medical mission to the El Marrouf hospital in Comoros Island.

Local health ministers and ADFA staff after discussing greater opportunities for collaboration.

ADFA staff performing skill transfers to local surgeons and anaesthetists.


ADFA theatre staff performing skill transfers to local theatre nurses.

ADFA staff imparting orthopaedic training and techniques to local doctors and nurses.


ADFA staff teaching local anaesthetic staff best practices in relation to records procedures.

A post-operative snap of a patient who was suffering from severe club-foot to both limbs. The patient made a full recovery after the procedure.

ADFA volunteers next to patients.