Somaliland’s history is one of civil war and conflict. Our first ever mission was to Bosaso in Somalia in 2005 but after several years of political instability, ADFA’s medical team presence was suspended. Instead the focus became Hargeisa in Somaliland where we support the Hargeisa Group Hospital (HGH), the University of Hargeisa Medical School and the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital.

The University of Western Australia Medial School have collaborated with Hargeisa University to provide a programme of training medical students through regular visits

ADFA undertook to equip two new operating theatres at the HGH and dispatched sea containers full of equipment and supplies. Some donated goods have also been distributed to regional hospitals. The hospital laundry has also been renovated.

A water tank project saw three water tanks constructed and becoming operational, two attached to schools and the third a very large underground reservoir to assist El Alfwein’s community, some 300 kms north-east of Hargeisa

ADFA’s financial support to Edna Adan Maternity Hospital allowed them to construct and fitout an X-Ray department in 2014

The first Somali doctors selected for a scholarship to become orthopaedic surgeons in a four years training program at the Black Lion Hospital.

Partnered with local NGO’s and partners, ADFA is able to deliver large amounts of disability aids and rehabilitation equipment.

Wheelchairs for Kids donation.

Collaboration with local rehabilitation centres to provide assessment and treatment.

Hargeisa general hospital – ADFA provides equipment, support and small renovation works to improve their facilities and level of hygiene.

New radiology wing of the Edna Aden maternity hospital funded by ADFA.

Ward beds donated to Hargeisa general hospital.

Teaching local university medical students and registrars both clinical and theoretical general practices.

Medical school graduating class of 2015

Edna Aden maternity hospital – ADFA volunteers assisting local midwives and nurses to post birth care.