Tribute to Dr RAMIAKAJATO Andriamarosoa Gregoire

Australian Doctors for Africa express our condolences to the family of Dr Gregoire. We have lost a wonderful human being.


Tribute by Dr Digby Cullen on behalf of us all at Australian Doctors for Africa:

I am very sad indeed at the untimely passing of Dr Gregoire. He is ADFA’s oldest and most valued collaborator in Madagascar. I first met him in 2005 in Toliara and was immediately impressed with his wonderful work and record keeping (especially in fibroscopies). He had a written record of at least 10 years of fibroscopies which provided a clear insight into disease patterns in Toliara.

Subsequently, we had the privilege of working with him for a further 12 years. He was always an excellent, hard-working, kind and technically superb Doctor. As a friend he will be greatly missed by all of the ADFA team.


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