Strategic Plan

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In November 2017 the Board of Management of Australian Doctors for Africa adopted a new five year Strategic Plan for 2018 to 2022. 

Strategic priorities over the next five years will be characterised by growth, which will largely be achieved through expanding programs and only adding new initiatives which can be adequately funded and resourced.

  1. Progress the 13 Hospitals Project with training and empowerment of local surgeons, doctors and nurses
  2. Incorporate training and teaching in all medical visits
  3. Develop world leading procedures and practices for a medical outreach charity
  4. Maintain ADFA humanitarian values and ensure they are expressed in all our activities
  5. Develop collaborations and partnerships
  6. Develop a systematic approach to fundraising including securing a cornerstone $1 million grant
  7. Develop a national policy for clubfoot in Madagascar
  8. Expand the range of specialties provided by volunteers